Cooking On the Fly

I love pasta, but it requires too much forethought. You have to get the water heating early, so it has time to boil and then you add the pasta and then it needs time to cook. Yuck. I just don’t have the patience for that. Today I was way too busy playing Solitaire to make pasta.

(Seriously, whoever came up with the version of Solitaire where you draw 3 cards from the deck at a time was evil and sadistic.)

For this dish, I went straight to the frying pan. I coated the pan with olive oil, chopped up two cloves of garlic, and let that heat for a little while. Then I added 2/3 cup whole grain rolled oats. They soaked up all the oil, fast. After stirring them around for a bit, I added 7 oz frozen mixed bell pepper slices, then topped it all off with a few splashes of soy sauce. Why soy sauce? I’ve been finding that these oats benefit from a little bit of salt, and I wanted to make sure they had enough moisture.

Oats and Peppers in a frying pan

Call me crazy (it would match my mood) but I wanted a source of protein, so I cracked an egg into the middle of this.

See above, with Egg

As awesome as that looks, it seemed a better idea to mix the egg in with the other ingredients. So I mixed it around, creating a rather more consistent texture. If the oats needed any additional moisture, the egg certainly provided it.

Finally, I wanted some nuts, so I decided to sprinkle a handful of pine nuts on top.

Oats, peppers, and egg mixture, topped with pine nuts

A few more minutes of stirring, and the moment of truth had come. Is this concoction edible? YES!!! Thank goodness, too, because I have to run to class. The recipe above makes 2 servings. Buon appetito!


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