Rainy Day Blues

Today (Wednesday) was definitely a comfort food day. I didn’t have any pastina or chicken broth, so I made a box of rotelle and had a couple servings of it with tomato sauce. Add a little cheese and … yeah, it makes a really good comfort food. Chicken soup, you now have a worthy opponent.

I’ve been trying really hard to eat more fruits and vegetables and be more physically active, but it’s not easy and I’m having trouble objectively evaluating whether I’m accomplishing my goals at all. I need to actually track what I eat – or better yet, plan ahead! The main problem is that I keep grabbing convenient snacks such as a serving of WhoNu “nutrition-rich” cookies or a scoop (or two) of ice cream. Those seem relatively insignificant when taken individually, but they really add up!

Having apples in the house helps a lot. I love apples. I keep trying to convince myself they’re the most delicious things ever, because if they’re not THE most delicious they’re definitely near the top of the list. Maybe I should try making apples with garlic. Then, I’d almost definitely eat them more regularly. I’m not sure if I’ve had an apple yet today -probably not. I’ll have one as a midnight snack.

I did try having some vegetables, at least one whole serving and possibly two! First I heated up some olive oil on a high flame. Then I chopped up a clove of garlic and tossed it in the frying pan. The garlic turned brown almost instantly and some of the pieces turned black. Oops! Flame too high!!! I lowered it but the pan was still too hot when I tossed in some frozen green beans, so I got a nice little miniature fireworks display. Thank goodness I have good reflexes! I jumped out of range, just in time, and carefully lowered the flame some more. In went the frozen bell pepper slices, and then I was able to stir everything around for even heating and whatever garlic flavor might have been left. I added some orange ginger sauce, which provided a nice flavor. Simple. Yum. I hope the veggies maintained their nutritional value …

Lately I’ve also been really into eggs. They’re a very convenient source of protein. I have mixed feelings about the yolk, though. Nearly all the nutrients that make eggs healthy are in the yolk – but so is most of the fat (eggnutritioncenter.org). Unfortunately eggs are also quite high in cholesterol (not too bad if they’re your only/main source, but something to watch out for). Today I decided to have the white without the yolk. In the future I might have one whole egg. If I decide to have a second egg I’ll remove its yolk.

Removing an egg yolk is surprisingly easy. The video below starts off a bit slow but is a good example of the method. It’s a useful skill to develop for baking as well as being a picky eater.


Well, thanks for checking in. Hopefully tomorrow (Thursday) will be a bit less gross and I can work on the whole physical activity thing.


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