Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all!

I must apologize for not updating in such a long time. This semester was extremely busy. On top of all the academic work, I also moved (about 30 minutes away, within the same state) earlier this month. That was fun and exciting and the actual move itself went surprisingly smoothly and quickly because I had several friends help. They were awesome! But it did throw a bit of a monkey wrench in the works.

I cooked many tasty things when I went to visit my best friend in November. We worked together on them, myself mostly following her lead. They included chicken with roasted potatoes and whole cloves of garlic, a delicious stew with turkey meat and vegetables, and apple pie.

I haven’t cooked as much as usual since Thanksgiving, but I did get to bake about a week ago. I followed the Toll House chocolate chip cookie recipe (a lifetime favorite that I’ll be repeating with my mom in several hours – our yearly tradition). I left out the nuts, but added a shot of Frangelico to the dough around the time I also added the chocolate chips. The result was absolutely delicious – and quite popular at the 2 parties I attended that weekend.

I spent Christmas Eve with my best friend and her family. She and I played viola and sang at the services at a church where we’ve known the choir director for years. It was so wonderful to play music with an extremely talented and dedicated group!

When we got back to her parents’ house we exchanged presents. One of the gifts she gave me was Garlic, Garlic, Garlic: More than 200 Exceptional Recipes for the World’s Most Indispensable Ingredient. It has more information than a chef could ever want about garlic, as well as recipes that range from starters to pasta and seafood to even dessert!

I just might have to follow in Julie Powell’s footsteps and cook my way through this book.


Family Reunion

Thank you to everyone who visited the blog over the weekend. I was at my cousin’s wedding with garlicturino86 and therefore couldn’t update. The wedding was so wonderful because family from three different regions of the US were able to come together in one place for the first time in over 20 years! Some cousins in their teens and early twenties met each other for the first time. Not only did I get to spend time with loved ones I don’t see regularly, but I got to see them interact with each other. I loved being surrounded by family – and getting to introduce garlicturino86 to everyone.

Some highlights of the weekend were:

  • Going to the Boston Aquarium with cousins from one region.
  • Savoring delicious lobster at the giant family dinner where everyone was reunited for the first time in over 20 years!
  • Learning that my aunt loves cooking and having a rather animated conversation about our experiences with it.
  • Breakfast cooked by one of my cousins, while everyone else relaxed, talked, and ate.
  • Seeing how happy my cousin and his bride are to be married!!!
  • Buying the perfect teapot and matching cups for garlicturino86 on our way home, seeing how happy this gift made him, and sharing some of the best tea I’ve ever had.

As my cousin’s bride point out, I’m the next person in the family to get married!

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